DOTA 2 Patch Notes 04/19/13 – Skywrath Mage

– Added Skywrath Mage!

– Added stricter system implementing communication (voice and text) bans for abusive players
– Combined voice and text reports into a single ‘communication’ report
– Reduced reports per week to 4
– Removed ability for spectators to report players in-game.
– Reports now allow single selection of behavior type only

– Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes losing vision after the second cast.
– Doom: Scorched Earth now shows its duration on the buff icon.
– Lich: Fixed Frost Armor auto-casting while Lich is channeling.
– Magnus: Fixed a rare crash involving Skewer.
– Slardar: Fixed Slithereen Crush not slowing attack speed.
– Spectre: Fixed Haunt illusions moving while out of the game.
– Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain travelling too fast.
– Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain not latching quite far enough.
– Tusk: Fixed Tusk not issuing an attack order on the snowballed unit after the snowball crashes.
– Enabled Drow and Tusk to Captain’s Mode (Tournament Version next week)
– Fixed Towers sometimes attacking slower when they have low hit points

– Added tab to the Watch section showing downloaded replay files

– Riki: Added Smoke Screen and Blink Strike animations.
– Sniper: Added victory animations and more aggressive posing of idle, run and attack when enemy is in range.

– Bots now know to avoid standing in Macropyre and Ice Path.

– Added a button to the preview that allows you to test your imported model in-game, in a local server.

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