Devil May Cry Release Kit

Let the shitstorm commence! The highly controversial Devil May Cry reboot is at hand, whether we’re ready or not. The Mayan apocalypse may not have happened, but for fans of Dante, the end of their familiar world is all too real. Will this be the smashing successful rebirth of everyone’s favorite smart ass demon hunter, or will this edgy emo pretender trip head first onto his own blade? Prepare yourself for either hilariously awesome scenario with this must-have release kit!

The Trailer That Started It All: The hype train first departed the station at TGS 2010 with this intriguing trailer showing a much younger lead character, a vastly different art style, and plenty of bang-bang shooty action.

Devil May Cry, From The Fan’s Perspective: When a developer releases sketches and concept art, it’s pretty amazing to see the transition from paper to game. But when hundreds of fans take to drawing their favorite characters in spectacular detail, it’s a new level of creativity.

Devil May Cosplay: The amount of time and effort people put into cosplaying is, at times, astronomical. But the end result is nothing short of pure brilliance, as these dedicated cosplayers have shown through their amazing DmC costumes.

The More DmC Changes, The More Devil May Cry Stays The Same: An excellent article written by Evan Narcisse of Kotaku talking about the correlation between the previous DmC games and the reboot.

The Dante Showcase Trailer: The entirety of the trailer is dedicated to showing off the abilities of the profanity spewing reincarnation of Dante. Whether it’s getting dressed in zero gravity slow motion or juggling enemies like the days of old, this will undoubtedly make or break your decision to buy the game.

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