Dead Space 3 Release Kit

Excited for the return of Isaac Clarke and the debut of his new pal, John Carver? Chomping at the bit to carve a few disgusting Necromorphs into tiny little pieces? Looking forward to a game that lets you pay to improve your weaponry? If the answer to any of of those cheesy introductory questions is a resounding “yes,” then Dead Space 3’s the title for you, my friend! And if you’re a n00b looking for a solid jumping off point to EA’s space horror epic, check out the following.

Fighting necromorphs is now a two-person job. USA Today gives us a quick primer to the game’s new co-op mode. A multiplayer addition that adds to the core game rather than merely exploiting our general desire to play with friends? Who’d have thunk it? Regardless, everyone knows that the only thing more fun that evisceration is evisceration performed with your best buddies.

Dead Space 3 might actually be better with Kinect. Typically Microsoft’s marketing department and the members of the press they recruit to their cause focus on Kinect’s motion control capabilities, but the voice commands it enables might actually serve as a legitimate upgrade to our gaming experience. Turning vocalizations into an input gives gamers something we can do without taking our hands off of our controllers or forcing us to look at yet another distracting menu. Reloading, firing an ability, or tracing an objective via voice command sounds damn cool, but I admit I’m legitimately disappointed that Kinect still can’t make me a sandwich.

The Dead Space 3 E3 trailer. Well, that’s creepy–and definitely not suitable for children. I’ve got to ask, though: why did Visceral decide we needed a tribe to the bug-things-in-the-snow action of Lost Planet? I kid, I kid. But I worry about the choice of setting. Snow levels are typically the worst levels.

Dead Space fan fiction. Because nothing prepares you for a new game quite like the lovingly crafted tales of its biggest fans. Please be forewarned: if you’re an individual in whom misplaced commas have historically caused seizures or other neurotic episodes, click the previous link at your own risk. The last thing we need is a semicolon-induced wrongful death lawsuit.

Dead Space cosplay. The time, effort and skill that went into creating a RIG suit that accurate is frickin’ insane. Fan fiction’s great and all, but making yourself look like your favorite game’s main characters is truly a labor of love. No, I’m not being sarcastic. Those costumes are damn impressive, although I admit I’m a little disappointed in the lack of Necromorph dress up time.

So, about that crafting and those microtransactions. Simply put, Dead Space 3 allows gamers to purchase the materials required for the synthesis of new weapons and the enhancement of existing gear. Rest assured, however, that this doesn’t mean newcomers will be able to bribe Visceral and EA into handing over endgame equipment far too early. Regardless of that limitation, this is a very interesting and controversial move into the microtransactional world typically dominated by free-to-play titles. I’m curious to see if those who’ve already paid to play a game are willing to pay even more to accelerate their character’s advancement. I’d never do such a thing, but don’t go thinking I’m some paragon of fairness or an honorable purist; I’m just a cheap bastard, and I bet most gamers feel the same way.

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