Dead Rising 3: Zombie Slaying Continued

The exclusive Xbox One open world action zombie game Dead Rising 3 by Capcom is utterly massive. According to Capcom the game could fit Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 in its map several times over.

In this installment you follow Nick Ramos, a young mechanic who desperately needs to escape the city of Los Perdidos, California. The fact that it’s immersed with zombies is motivation enough for the cunning mechanic to flee fast. Yet, a forceful driver to race against the clock can be attributed to the impending military strike that will produce total obliteration of the area.

Nick will need to employ elaborate tactics to make his way out of the infected zombie ridden zone. He will have to fight his way through the crowded streets and find an exit from the quarantined region. Along the way he must stock up on any available scraps of food he finds to acquire enough strength to trample his way through the hordes of undead.

The brave mechanic must accumulate weapons to unleash destruction upon the infected. Available vehicles will add additional ways to eliminate enemies and cover ground. In this mangled city you will find that walking a thin line between life and death is a normal occurrence.

Joining forces with other survivors is a necessity for Nick to stay alive as he will require help fighting off the undead. Zombies are smart and have shared awareness which will allow them to be a fierce opponent. Finding creative ways to taunt, terrorize, and slay them will be vast but will also depend upon creative resourcefulness.

With up to ten alternate ending you can find relief in knowing that your artistic survival tactics will play a role in deciding Nick’s fate. Dead Rising 3 will be available on Nov. 22, 2013 (Xbox One launch day) which means you can start your zombie slaying in a little under a week. Good luck in surviving the zombie apocalypse, as you may need it.

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