D Bags Weekly – 5/5/12

Cinco de mayo!  Arriba!  Dos cervezas por favor – y una semana de artículos buenos del D Pad D Bags.

Y feliz cumpleaños a Brooke Hogan. El mundo seria un lugar menos sin ella.  Buena suerte para ella en el Derby de Kentucky.  Caliente!

D Bag Gourmet: The Sessler Sizzlin’ Grill and Cabaret – My ode to the man that inspired me to enter the business and our latest crack at making “Morgan Webb takes big gross dumps” a thing.

The Gaming Avengers – The web’s only shameless attempt to steal Avengers traffic involving Minsc and an eight bit legend.

eSports Growing Pains – Clay Reimus debuts with an awesome article comparing and contrasting eSports and real, sweaty competitions of athleticism.  Starcraft is more of a sport than golf.

Podcast Episode 90 – Baseball Superstars Times Vagazzled – We get even more mileage out of a screwy iOS game, Koz brings us gaming’s next big hit, and Egan learns a new word.

Fantasy Starcraft Draft Results – I would’ve taken Kim Jong Un first.  Then I would’ve traded my other three picks for cash considerations and a player to be named later.

iOS: iDon’t Get Why the Games Suck – Making a quality mobile game doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult.

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