D Bags Weekly – 5/12/12

The day before Mother’s Day.  Get your gaming in now, ladies and gentlemen; it probably ain’t happening tomorrow, and if it does you’ll have to let your mother win.  While you’re at it, check out the week that was at D Pad D Bags.  If your mother asks, that’s short for Directional Pad Duffle Bags.  The last thing you need is a stern lecture about why you shouldn’t frequent websites named for feminine hygiene products.

Six Games I Overrate – A few games I’ve enjoyed more than I probably should have.  Kinectimals is not on this list.

Stories Without Words (Featuring I Wish I Were the Moon) – Personally, I wish I were Uranus.  Amy Conchie makes her debut with a thoughtful, literary-minded look at narratives in gaming.  Someone has to balance out all the poop jokes with something smart.

The New Star Wars Games We Need – I want to play a game where I sit in the backyard drinking Colt .45 and shooting the shit with Lando Calrissian.  It works every time.

Why I Unsubscribed from The Old Republic – If you enjoy ridiculous food analogies, this is the post for you.  If you don’t…well, just skip the last sentence of every paragraph and you’ll be fine.

Gifts for Video Game Mothers – What do you get for the giant, disembodied brain in a jar who seemingly has everything?

Podcast Episode 91 – Interviews, Announcements, and the Crapper – We further discuss the state of iOS gaming, Egan reveals his new plan for world domination, and we talk Dark Scavenger with Alex Gold of Psydra.

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