D Bags Weekly – 4/21

This Earth Day, save electricity by turning off your consoles and reading print outs of all our articles by candlelight.  The planet–and all the annoying hipsters collecting money for Green Peace–will thank you.

What Your Choice of Team in MLB 12: The Show Says About You: A lot, actually.  I have it on good authority that numerous psychologists are adopting this list as a means of better diagnosing their patients.  Mets fan?  Inferiority complex.  Braves fan?  You’re just boring; don’t bother scheduling future sessions.  Red Sox fan?  Oh Sweet Jesus, get the straight jacket and enough valium to knock out a horse!

Podcast Episode 86 – Live from PAX East: Recorded just outside the ladies room in which Morgan Webb undoubtedly dropped a deuce as big and annoying as Adam Sessler.  Don’t mind all of the raucous D Pad D Bag fans you can hear in the background.

Free MMO Series: The Good, the Bad, and the Fieri:  At D Pad D Bags, we care about our audience.  We don’t want you wasting your time on a shitty MMO just because it’s free.  In this new series, Phegan will tell you which free MMOs are Good Eats and which are just Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

Podcast Episode 87 – Post PAX Hangover: The gaming convention equivalent of hair of the dog.

Downloadable Content: Video Gaming’s Pandora’s Box: Cupcake makes his debut on the site with a look at the darker side of DLC.  Having to pay good money to download new costumes for your WWE Divas definitely falls into that category.

Double Dragon: Let’s Clean Up New Angeles!: Confession: I wrote this article merely to try to impress Alyssa Milano.  Hopefully she’ll write one back.  It worked for the Old Spice guy.

Podcast Episode 88 – Lizard Retard Strength: We’re going to hell.  Along the way, we discuss fantasies about dragons and the best thing to come out of Japan since Hideki Irabu.  I’m assuming Baseball Superstars 12 is Japanese.  My goodness, would I ever have egg on my face if it was developed in Ohio!

The Best Spots from PAX East 2012: Koz’s photo tribute to barren landscapes once teeming with lush vegetation.  The artsiest thing we’ve ever done.

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