D Bags Weekly 2/9/13: On Adaptations, Reincarnation, and Starrcade

What did we learn this week?

We learned that gambling makes speculation about the Playstation 4 more fun. My new goal in life is to become the world’s biggest video game bookie. Don’t tell the feds. Or my mother.

Neitzsche and Cliffy B teamed up to teach us a few things about difficulty in gaming. Put Mr. Fuji in their corner and we’ve got a tag team for the ages.

Our latest Release Kit taught us everything we need to know about Dead Space 3. Did you know the Necromorphs were loosely inspired by the work of Tennessee Williams? They weren’t, but you wouldn’t have known that without our Release Kit.

While Sony and Microsoft gear up to release their next big console offerings, the OUYA’s looking strong. A simple, open platform might be just what the gaming doctor ordered.

The podcast taught us how to identify Aaron Sorkin properties and where to find a pig saddle. This is a gaming podcast, I swear. Other topics discussed include Portal, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Dead Space 3. Take a listen:

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We learned that movie adaptations of Half-Life and Portal may not be so bad. J.J. Abrams and Valve could do some really good things together, as long as no one involved gets the bright idea to write a show marooning the cast of Team Fortress 2 on a mysterious island.

With the help of Twitter and Dead Space 3, we learned all about proper butthole maintenance. Proper stretching is key.

Happy birthday to John Kruk, Charlie Day, and Zhang Ziyi, and a very happy Saturday to all of our readers who don’t have a holiday to celebrate!

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