D Bags Weekly 2/23/13: On Stations, Xenomorphs, and Debates

What did we learn this week?

In our first D Bag D Bate, we learned that love in gaming is a many splendored thing. I’m for it. Egan’s mostly against it. Which side are you on?

Anthony taught us that reinventing the Aliens franchise might be as simple as focusing on what made each of the individual movies great. No, that doesn’t mean drippy cyborg heads, Michael Biehn, and prison angst. It’s about the Xenomorphs, stupid.

We learned how to get really drunk during Sony’s Playstation 4 presser. If only I’d included “take a drink if someone uses the word experience.” You’d better believe that’s going in the Xbox reveal drinking game.

We learned that crotchety old single-player gamers like me probably aren’t the Playstation 4’s target audience. You want me to share my gameplay and watch other people play? Why the fuck do I want to do either of those things, sonny? Get off my lawn and get a job and stop creeping on my MLB The Show franchise you little freak!

The podcast taught us that awkward middle-aged men in jeans and sport coats should stick to game design and be excused from giving presentations. We talked a lot about the Playstation 4, with a little Darksiders and System Shock sprinkled on top.

With the help of the Playstation 4, Twitter taught us all something new we can do with our hats. I’d suggest choosing one you don’t really like for this particular trick.

Happy birthday to Rondell White, Flip Saunders, and Brad Whitford, and a very happy day after National Margarita day to all the American drunks out there!

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