D Bags Weekly 2/2/13: On Yogurt, Real Talk, and Flannel

What did we learn this week?

We learned that most of the pieces of THQ have found loving new homes. Even Homefront, which deserves to be an orphan slinging newspapers while whistling “It’s a Hard Knock Life” more than anyone or anything I can think of.

We learned that FTL: Faster Than Light isn’t just a damn good time, it’s also a great example of how to properly use Kickstarter. Hint: promising the world and then abandoning the project halfway through with no communication to your donors is not the way to properly use Kickstarter.

We learned how to build the perfect console shooter using pieces and parts of the best console shooters. Hopefully my gene-spliced masterpiece will have a longer shelf life than Dolly the sheep.

Fred taught us we should use the buddy system when getting into a new RTS. Think about it: following a gut-wrenching loss, would you rather have your manhood questioned by a complete stranger or a good buddy?

Lamar Alexander’s statement that video games are more dangerous than guns taught us you don’t have to be a genius to be a senator. You know what’s more dangerous than both video games and guns? Dumbasses.

The podcast taught us that DmC: Devil May Cry probably isn’t as bad as many longtime fans think. And yogurt is a very serious business.

With the help of Twitter, we learned that Jet Force Gemini really gets people in the mood. When you think about it, Rare’s kind-of-classic shooter has something for everyone: a buff space man, a hot space lady in inappropriate space armor, a dog with tank treads, and a bunch of furry ewok things that might be midget furries.

Happy birthday to Brent Spiner, Teddy Hart, and Shakira, and a very happy Groundhog Day to all of our readers in Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania!

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