D Bags Weekly 12/8/12 – On Awards, Trains, and Santa

What did we learn this week?

The podcast taught us that FIFA 13 and Lost Odyssey are best served on the Cape Cod Dinner Train. Yeah, this one went a little off the rails. GET IT? RAILS! Everyone loves some choo choo humor, right?

We learned that Kickstarter may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

The Video Game Fantasy League taught us the importance of awards season. No, it’s not just for massaging the egos of the academy; it’s also useful for gambling purposes!

We learned that not all cosplay is a good idea. Certain characters should be left in the digital realm. I’m looking at you, Voldo.

We learned that Lost Odyssey is a quality game that could’ve been better with a few tweaks to its presentation. The time spent on finely veining the queen’s rack would’ve been better spent elsewhere.

Our release kit taught us everything there is to know about Far Cry 3. I hope you’re all taking notes.

Twitter taught us that Santa will give you Far Cry 3 in exchange for beer and candy. I hear you get Homefront 2 if you leave him Triscuits and a wine cooler.

Happy birthday to Teri Hatcher, Mike Mussina, and Nicki Minaj, and a very happy National Youth Day to all of our readers in Albania!

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