D Bags Weekly 1-19-13: On Boobs, Curses, and Dante

What did we learn this week?

We learned one potential finale in the quest to kill the used games market that won’t anger consumers. Don’t just put unnecessary restrictions on us, game companies; give us something that’s an actual benefit.

We learned that it’s ok to put attractive ladies in video games. Real women are beautiful, elegant, and sexy–shouldn’t their electronic counterparts be the same, within reason?

We learned that there’s a whole host of games that deserve to make the leap from XBLA to Steam. And by “a whole host” I mean at least five.

Anthony taught us that you shouldn’t play Spec Ops: The Line if you want to appreciate moral choices in any other game ever again. There’s a curse afoot, one wrought by White Phosphorus and the Radio Man, and it’ll take more than a spruced up Paragon/Renegade meter to break it.

Our DmC: Devil May Cry release kit taught us everything we needed to know to get ready for Dante’s latest adventure. It’s enough to brighten the devil’s day, turn his frown upside down, and dry his salty tears. Or something.

With the help of Twitter, DmC taught us it’s ok to throw furniture. We learned a bit about hipsters and hair, too. Oh Twitter, is there nothing you can’t teach us?

Happy birthday to Dolly Parton, Ron Killings, and Shawn Johnson, and a very happy first day of the NHL season to all of our readers in Canada!

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