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When the original Crysis came out in the yesteryear of 2007, PC gamers rejoiced at how pants wettingly amazing the game looked. Finally, they had a game that would wow even those petty console fan boys–that is, until they realized they needed a computer more sophisticated than HAL 9000 to run the damn thing. Fast forward to the magical wonder year of 2013. Crysis 2 has come and gone–hopefully never to return as far as PC gamers are concerned–but Crysis 3 has emerged from the shadows, claiming to melt even the most advanced PCs. Will the latest from Crytek keep true to the company’s word, or will we chalk up Crysis 3 as another moral victory for the consolites?

Crysis 3 Home
The Crysis 3 website looks pretty bad ass compared to other release sites, so it’s worth checking out.

Momentum Trailer
While the music may not be for everyone, the trailer is admittedly well crafted. Nonstop action and crazy montage worthy explosions definitely paint Crysis 3 in a picture too good to be true.

New Game, New Story, Same Crazy Nanosuit
Crytek CEO and Founder Cevat Yerli discusses how the Crysis 3 storyline alters the way the player will use the Nanosuit, how the new “urban jungle” environment will shape player’s strategy, and how freaking bad ass the Nanosuit is.

Is Crysis 3 The Best Looking Game Ever?
Evan Lahti and Tyler Wilde of PC Gamer square off in this high octane debate to settle a question burning deep in the heart of PC gamers worldwide: is Crysis 3 the best looking game of all time?

Crysis 3’s Graphics Settings, With Pictures!
An in-depth look at just how many settings Crysis 3 PC players will be able to adjust to run the game as smoothly as possible, as well as a quick chat with the game’s Technical Director, Marco Corbetta.

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