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Haiku Previews, September 2012

NHL 13, September 11 A lockout looms. Dumb. But fear not; hockey gaming Comes to the rescue. New mode, sure to please Those who live in the red states: Shit Tim Thomas Says. Get your Molsons out. At the release of this game Canada parties. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, September 18 An old D20. Updated technology. Imoen hotter? Shit, miniature Giant space hamster jokes don’t Fit in a haiku. There are iPad and Android versions. Swipe screen to Kick the greasy wheel. Borderlands 2, September 18 The first of fall’s big Sequels brings back gun hands. Jeff Hardy is pissed. Hidden ending proves The wicked can indeed rest. Elephants caged. Like us on Facebook If you forgot to preorder. You might win this game. Dead or Alive 5, September 25 First DoA sans Itagaki. Never fear, fans, Big boobs are still here. Strikes beat throws. Throws beat Holds. Holds...

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