Call of Duty Ghosts Release Kit

As I recently awoke from my drunken coma, I realized that it’s time for a new Call of Duty installment. So while all the good boys and girls are getting Call of Duty right around now, most normal people will be waiting for the sale around Black Friday. So while I put myself back into a drunken coma until Christmas, here’s all the things you’ve got to know before you pick up Call of Duty Ghosts.

The Search Term “Call of Duty Ghosts Glitches”
Seriously, I didn’t intend on putting a search term as a reference for a release kit, but I can’t argue with 16.9 million results. What good game has 19.6 million searches and counting dedicated to how glitchy the game is?

Easter Eggs Show Infinity Ward Still Has a Sense of Humor
It may not be much, but shout-outs to both Doctor Who and Zelda are pretty damn cool.

First Look Extinction Multiplayer Gameplay
Apparently there are aliens in this Call of Duty universe. Aliens are okay I guess. As long as it’s not another damn Russian.

Call of Duty Ghosts Makes $1B In One Day
Wow, that’s almost too good to be true

Turns Out It Was Too Good To Be True

Eminem Makes Call of Duty Hype As Shit
Activision doesn’t have to explain to me why they hired on Eminem. They know a good formula when they see it.

Call of Duty Ghosts Runs At 720p on Xbox One
It may not seem like a big deal, but the big yearly juggernaut’s failure to maximize the Xbox One’s hardware is a huge disappointment.

Tweets of the Week
We here at D Pad D Bags do a weekly segment where we look at the best tweets from the week that was. Last week, we featured Call of Duty Ghosts, they delivered for sure!

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