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Booze and Bullets

I enjoy playing video games about as much as I enjoy drinking. A sobering fact I have deduced from overlapping these two pastimes is that you should never drink and drive, even the slightest bit drunk. I don’t mean to sound so dour on a website dedicated to playing video games, but the curious reason how I arrived to this lesson makes this the proper venue. It was a weekend night that consisted of slowly consuming a bottle of rye and playing Battlefield 3 with my squad of homeboys. I don’t mean to brag (scratch that–I actually do), but we usually get the Ace Squad ribbon and I get the most amount of kills. This auspicious distinction was something, as I’ve recently learned, that only happened when I remained sober. As the night progressed I continually drank more rye whiskey and my performance took a commensurate...

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Video Games Made Me Smarter

I enjoy saying that playing video games has made me smarter, but it is not a boast that applies to every gamer. Although it is difficult to pinpoint where the knowledge I’ve acquired from video games overlaps with what I’ve learned from other media, gamin can most definitely called a positive influence. When I use the term “smarter,” I mean to say “book smarter.” Gaming hasn’t necessarily increased my cleverness–which is an arguable case for another day–but it has improved the sort of intelligence of being well read and thoroughly versed in a subject. When I started high school I built my own computer, which then became my platform of choice, relegating my consoles to when I wanted to play 2 player splitscreen games. The PC’s domination in my time with games has continued unabated, which is an important factor as to why I believe...

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