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Tweets of the Week – Call of Duty: Ghosts

Tweets of the week is making it triumphant return, and what better game to return with, Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you like terrible English, nerd rage and angry girlfriends, this is the game for you. If you are new to this feature, we take to the "twitterverse" and find the best tweets for various games, and bring them right to you. No longer do you need to search twitter for the vulgarity, poor grammar and caps lock, we do it for you. Sit back, enjoy this week's edition of Tweets of the Week and feel free to respond to these people. ...

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Path of Exile Patch Notes 0.10.7

Content: Added a new Intelligence/Strength Support Gem – Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance. This is first offered to the Witch and Templar in Act Two of Normal difficulty, the Shadow and Marauder in Act Three of Normal difficulty and to Rangers and Duelists in Act One of Cruel difficulty. Added a new Strenth/Intelligence Support Gem – Increased Burning Damage. This is first offered to the Witch, Templar and Marauder at the Medicine Chest quest in Cruel difficulty and to the other classes in Act Three of Cruel difficulty. Added four new Unique items, two of which were designed by our Diamond supporters. One of these is a Unique Map. Added two new cosmetic microtransactions: Ebony Weapon Effect and Ivory Weapon Effect. Added a new Map mod – “of Ice”: Area has patches of Chilled Ground (worth 8% quantity). Added a new Map mod – “Chaining”:...

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DOTA 2 Patch Notes 04/19/13 – Skywrath Mage

- Added Skywrath Mage! COMMUNITY - Added stricter system implementing communication (voice and text) bans for abusive players - Combined voice and text reports into a single ‘communication’ report - Reduced reports per week to 4 - Removed ability for spectators to report players in-game. - Reports now allow single selection of behavior type only GAMEPLAY - Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes losing vision after the second cast. - Doom: Scorched Earth now shows its duration on the buff icon. - Lich: Fixed Frost Armor auto-casting while Lich is channeling. - Magnus: Fixed a rare crash involving Skewer. - Slardar: Fixed Slithereen Crush not slowing attack speed. - Spectre: Fixed Haunt illusions moving while out of the game. - Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain travelling too fast. - Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain not latching quite far enough. - Tusk: Fixed Tusk not issuing an attack order on the snowballed...

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Natural Selection 2 Patch Notes – 04/06/13

Change Reduced extractor death and Spikes tracer effect intensity. Distress beacon sound has no longer a distance restriction. Feature Added capturing of dump information from the TechSupport.exe tool if NS2.exe is running. Clicking an already selected hot group will cause the view to jump to the units position. Fix Fixed “runtime error” that occurred sometimes on map change. Fixed bug where AI units could push each other off of pathable ground. Fixed a bug where the microphone is muted until you enter sound options menu. Reload sounds stop playing when a player drops a weapon or dies. Fixed medpacks being created under tech points. Fixed Commander double clicks preventing single click actions from being performed. Fixed bug where vortexed Marines / Exos take damage inside Gorge tunnels. Fixed bug where distress beacon could teleport Marines back to an already destroyed Command Station. Commanders are no...

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