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Anthony Salvatore is a duly licensed gamer who also happens to be an attorney. His interests lie in games that offer meaningful choices and explore the darker side of what humans are capable of. Current favorites include Spec Ops: The Line, Telltale's The Walking Dead, and the Mass Effect series, up until the last twenty minutes of the third game (its about the journey not the ending). Currently playing: Iron Bridgade on XBLA.

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Retro City Rampage Review

Retro City Rampage Review Retro City Rampage (“RCR”) is fucking fantastic. Imagine a cross between the irreverent humor of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Grand Theft Auto 2, set in a pixelated 8-bit universe. That’s what RCR is. During your trek through Theftopolois circa 1985 you’ll meet caricatures of Bill and Ted, Doc Brown, Mega Man, and Solid Snake–all within the first fifteen minutes of gameplay. You’ll face off against classic 8-bit icons like Contra’s burly protagonists and Bionic Commando (“BionicCop”). Parody isn’t limited to video game references, either; all of pop culture is fair game. RCR is basically the past 30 years condensed into an isometric (and pixelated) perspective. The missions range from infiltrating a base to get a faux flux capacitor to arming bombs in an underwater Mario Bros. (or TMNT) parody. Or you can basically cause wanton destruction in lieu of completing the missions. The...

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