Are We the Only People Not Playing Farming Simulator 2013?

I’ve been left out in the gaming cold.
And now that I’ve been shunned
from society for being the outcast,
I know the importance of Farming Simulator.

I will be saving my family and friends embarrassment.
Self-imposed ostracization to the
desolate fields and plains of the Midwest.
Much like a seasoned Eskimo wanders
off into the wilderness one last time when
he knows his best days are behind him.
A power move of dignity.

If I only knew how to live off the land once I arrive at my destination.

We try to keep up with the latest game releases. This is partly because we want to appear knowledgeable to people we consider peers, but largely so we can keep track of the points in our fantasy league. There are always games we expect to sell well, based on their name recognition and distribution companies, and often they do.  It’s much rarer for a game to sell very well on its release day if it doesn’t have a popular franchise attached to it.

Last week, Scott sent an email to us that showed the sales for the week of October 27th. We were all shocked and entertained by the fact that Farming Simulator 2013 was at the top of the list.  Now, this was also the day that the new Medal of Honor: Warfighter came out. We were interested in its sales because Phegan had picked it in a recent round of fantasy waivers.  Medal of Honor was not on the top of the list. A game called Farming Simulator 2013 was. People who want to split hairs might point out that Medal of Honor outsold farming sim if you count both the PS3 and 360 versions. Obviously, they are right. But still.

If we take a look at the next week’s performance, things make a little bit more sense. Both of Medal of Honor’s console versions are now ahead of the fake farming game. But it’s only ahead in sales by 40 or 50 thousand units per console. All of the games we’re talking about have dropped in sales by a couple hundred thousand.  Most of the other games in the top 20 of this list belong to huge studios. Even the might and resources of EA, while pushing a flagship brand like Medal of Honor, cannot blow away a phenom like FS13 in its second week.  Remember, this is not an FPS or an RPG. This is not a game featuring guns, swords, or any weapons whatsover.  This is a game that uses the new brands of tractor you could use as selling points. There are new, harder-to-grow crops featured in the game.  And we aren’t talking about some super genetically modified crops; we’re talking about soybeans. Its day one DLC “contains a Fahr APN small baler and an old bale loading wagon.”

Who the hell are the half a million people that bought Farming Simulator 2013 in its first two weeks?!?!?

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